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We could give you the scripted bio, but it is the age of Google. Believe me when I say if you are online, you can be found. I want to tell you what you may not know.
Stacy and I have been together for most of our lives. We enjoy being around each other so much we work together. I like to say she keeps me balanced. I have been fortunate to work for many people and companies throughout the Mid Atlantic region and feel that experience has helped me understand people and situations. I have been doing sales for about 25 years, construction during 10 of those years and have managed a few companies along the way. Stacy, operated a HVAC company, managed retail and restaurants. Stacy started in Real Estate in 2008, not the best time if you dare to remember the real estate crash. She motivated me to get my license in 2009 and I started in 2010. I looked at the bad real estate market as an opportunity. A time to learn the market from the bottom up. A time to learn how to sell real estate when no one could buy it. In one of my past jobs, I learned the who, what, whens and hows of sales. I could move products! When I bought my first house out of college, I learned this was one of the most important purchases I would ever make. So when we work with clients, it is about them. We want to know why you are looking, how you want to use the house or what you are selling. What memories you have made from this house. We believe real estate is about people and relationships. We are fortunate to build friendships through real estate. It usually means we go to a lot of dinners in the summer when folks are down. (I really love that part)

The wrap up, Stacy and I assist you with a house on The Outer Banks of North Carolina. We will work with you, share our knowledge, provide facts and dig for information on every home you are interested in and hopefully grab a bite to eat and share the memories you are making!