Ever read a tag line and start reading the article to only find out it was completely different.  Sometimes in real estate as well as life this is a fact.  You may have heard growing up "not to trust a book by it's cover" or "that is a wolf in sheep's clothing".  In real estate sometime the pretty little home may be just that a cover.  Sometimes a over an priced cover.  When it comes to buying a home in a coastal area, like the Outer Banks, there are a number of things that you need to know.   This is the buyers responsibility to discover. The seller in North Carolinia isn't required to tell.   Most will tell you the home's features but look below the surface and you may find what is really going on.   Find a trustworthy REALTOR to assist you in this journey.  Get your inspections and find the real market value.  Spending money on unexpected repairs or buying at the top of the market will both cost you money moving forward.

Now that on the surface it may appear as a large shark, once you have a great realtor you may see the truth.   Just as it may be

Enjoy the search!